Horses, always a popular attraction

Horses, always a popular attraction

Centro ippico Equiplanet – Reggello – Florence
Combine your passion or curiosity with nature, on horseback. Gentle horses, and great friendly instructors, for some free time experiencing something new. Specially tailored lessons to approach horse riding for those who have never tried, or something new for the more expert riders; one of the instructors is also a child psychologist and can therefore use the correct techniques for younger children.

Solidarity is everywhere

The Centro Ippico riding centre promotes solidarity initiatives on various occasions, with the latest being fund raising for Ukrainian refugees.

And snacks?

From Casale la Gora, your sustainable B&B, you can bring an excellent snack basket, with environmentally friendly accessories, so you won’t miss anything. A great afternoon for families.

Adults and children, on horseback!

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