Sbandieratori dei borghi e sestieri fiorentini

Not to be missed.
In the main square of Figline Valdarno, on Easter Sunday, the contrade historical parade takes place with the spectacular exhibition of Sbandieratori dei borghi and sestieri fiorentini.

This group, which is famous all over the world, was born in Figline Valdarno, thanks to the initiative of some teachers of a local classical High school. The group, over the year, has increased the number of the members to 80 until today: captains, high and low drums, trumpets, and flag wavers.

Both the flag wavers style and equipment are still linked to tradition. The group is alive and present thanks to the flag wavers school which attracts young people.

We can admire them during many public and private events. The latest was Francesco Pope’s visit, during March 2023, when they were taking Tuscany colours to the Pope with emotion and pride.