Tours & wine tasting in Chianti

Casale la Gora can add to your stay with some splendid experiences: visits to the art cities and villages, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Lucca and Arezzo; tour with tasting of Tuscan wines in the Chianti hillsides and in Val d’Orcia; trekking in the Chianti hills, on e-bikes or on foot.

We also organise tasting evenings at the Casale, where you can enjoy typical produce and wines from Tuscany. There are also special weekends that can be tailored to you and your relaxation needs.

La bistecca alla fiorentinaDegustazione di vini toscani
Duration: 2 nights
Departure: Casale la Gora

Check-in: Friday from 15:00

Check-out: Sunday, before 11:00

Date: weekends in October and November

In autumn, Tuscany serves up lovely bright days with pleasant weather and the usual stunning beauty of walks surrounded by colours that are beginning to turn warmer. Casale la Gora is ready to offer you lovely weekend stays, all about relaxation and the flavours of Tuscany. Why not enjoy one of our Taste Weekends? 2 nights in one of our suites

Dinner at our Casale with typical Tuscan cuisine made using seasonal ingredients
Tour in Chianti or a choice of Siena and San Gimignano. An evening tasting Tuscan wines accompanied by traditional flavours, guided by expert sommeliers at our Casale

Trekking sulle colline del Chianti
Duration: 1-6 hours
Departure: Casale la Gora

We are a sustainable B&B even when it comes to tours! Nearby, setting out from Casale la Gora, there are plenty of trails on foot that will take you into the midst of the marvellous nature here: crossing the River Cesto on a bridge built by the Genio Pontieri of Piacenza, you will continue over a stone-paved section that has been dated back to Roman times.

In fact, Casale la Gora is on one of the many routes that pilgrims used on their way to Rome, the Via Francigene. You will enter into a dense, almost unspoilt wood, once home to the coal mines that have been abandoned for many years now. Along crossroads of small pathways, trails, and open spaces, surrounded by different types of scenery, you will reach Ponte agli Stolli, before continuing down into the centre of Figline Valdarno to enjoy an aperitif in the large Piazza Marsilio Ficino and then return home – or rather, to the Casale.

Tour in e-bike MTB nel Chianti
Duration: 4-6 hours
Departure: Casale la Gora

Rent: Casale la Gora

Holidaying in Tuscany can also mean touring by e-Bike MTB around the trails in the Chianti and Pratomagno hillsides, setting out from the Casale. You’ll be spoilt for choice. This is the scenario offered to e-Bike MTB enthusiasts who want to spend a relaxing weekend in Tuscany, without foregoing physical activity in the open air.

Vallombrosa, with its splendid Benedictine Abbey, and holiday residence of kings until the mid-1800s, is up a nice – and in some parts, steep – climb. There are also sections that wind through increasingly dense woods on this 23-km route, with a difference in altitude of 800 m. Stop off in Reggello, which is a well-known stage of the Giro d’Italia and if you want to, you can visit Pieve di Cascia, home to a triptych by Masaccio.

Catch your breath… and carry on for the final sprint.
Casale la Gora has next-generation e-Bike MTB for hire and tours accompanied by specialist guides.

Degustazione di vini toscaniCosa vedere Pienza, piazza Pio II
Duration: 6-8 hours
Departure: Casale la Gora

Transport: Minibus

Tuscany can boast 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include the centre of Pienza, where we would like to take you, following a route around the villages of Val d’Orcia: starting in Montepulciano, we will be stopping in Pienza and ending the day in Montalcino…

A visit to the “ideal city” wanted by Pope Pius II needs no anticipation: together we won’t miss a single corner. Of course, you should always stop off in some of the most famous wineries making Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino, where you can enjoy Tuscan wines and typical produce.

I portici di Greve in ChiantiDegustazione di vini toscani e visita alle cantine
Duration: 4-6 hours
Departure: Casale la Gora

Transport: Minibus

Chianti is an area that is known all over the world, especially in red wine-making spheres. We would like to help you discover, together with our local guides, life in the Tuscan valleys with their small shops selling food and wine specialities, crafts, markets, and the landscapes that have enchanted artists today and in the past.

A packed calendar of events, all year round, means we can guide you to the small antiques fairs, flower shows and farmers’ markets. You cannot end your stay in Tuscany without visiting the villages of Chianti Classico: Greve in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti… and we can stop off in some of the most famous Chianti Classico wineries to taste Tuscan wines and typical produce.