The Olive Wood for Master Jack

The olive tree is a rugged and delicate plant. It both has symbolic, and useful features which do not even need be told, but let’s talk about it anyway. But we want to tell it.


Leaves, in addition to being used during Easter period to evoke historical ancient events, have always been used in Natural medicine to tackle cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol.


Fruits are used to make oil, the liquid gold, while wood to create artistic or everyday objects. The always different grains, warm color, and the velvet finish make this wood a main material.


In Figline Valdarno lives one of the five olive wood Tuscan craftsmen, mastro Jack. You can meet him at his workshop which is separated from the exhibition by a transparent door. You Will be welcomed by wood dust, scents and sound of planer. You might also be able to meet some guys who go there to learn from Jack, because some crafts captivate because of their beauty and deep link we have with our land.

At the Casale you can find his handmade spoons and cutting boards. We love handicraft, and we believe that the local one, which is increasingly rare, must be supported.