Creamy apple pie

Apple pies are 1000 types: it depends on the quality of apples, the amount of apples you use, whether or not you add milk, and how much, and countless other variations that make this recipe always new.

I do it in different ways, and the one I describe here is the one that Daniel really likes.🥰

• LOTS 🍎! About 700 gr, already cleaned
• 2 eggs
• 200 grams of sugar (I always use whole wheat)
• 100 ml sunflower oil
• 150 ml of milk
• 250 g flour
• Baking powder 16 gr (one sachet)
• Cinnamon powder
• Peel of grated lemon

The precautions are: sprinkle with lemon juice apples peeled and cut into slices/ pieces; possibly have all the food at room temperature. If it is not possible, patience! The cake comes well all the same!

Mix everything as per your habit and use the oven static or ventilated as you prefer!

For cooking, 55 minutes in static or ventilated oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Voila, done!💁