Le ceramiche di Lucia

Our country still boasts interesting small craft shops. One of these is Lucia’s, who works and decorates by hand the clay since many years. She chooses subjects, decorations, and colours.

Custom items

For our Casale we chose useful pieces, such as customized toothbrush holders with the 7 names of the rooms, or the lid of the nuts jar which has been specially realized with a bird, and you can find it in the breakfast room. Lucia, among the others, has studied decorations that tells about Tuscany nature, the ripe olive which is waiting to be picked from the olive branch.

Gifts from Tuscany

With silvery green and bright yellow colours, her pottery can be noted in our reception where you can admire them, and choose one to take as a souvenir of your holiday. You can only find Lucia’s pottery in her shop or at Casale la Gora.