the simple ideas are the good ones!

the simple ideas are the good ones

An easy day, outside the normal tourism box? Here it is. From Figline Valdarno you can reach Vallombrosa, where you can enjoy a visit to the marvellous Benedictine Abbey in the forest of the same name, which in this forest is home to one of the most famous Experimental Arboretums in Europe.

Snack with the schiacciata della Consuma

From Vallombrosa, take the road to Consuma and stop off to snack on the famous schiacciata, or carry on to the panoramic point on Monte Secchieta. If you like to pick mushrooms, there is fun to be had in the right season; or you can head down towards Casentino, where you will find the characteristic villages of Cetica, Montemignaio and a slightly more distant one, Poppi.

A current museum is the MINE museum of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni

Towards Arezzo, I recommend the area of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, an ex mining area, where you can visit the interesting MINE, the local and mining museum. There is a lake that is suitable for swimming in this area, with bar and natural solarium.

Architecture, spirituality and life

If you go towards Florence, above the town of Incisa, there is Loppiano, the first of the citadels of the Focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich with a Sanctuary that is a sight and deserves a visit on its own. Innovative architecture, stained glass windows, a modern spirituality that attracts.

And then, and then … just ask me, we will find other small and interesting ideas!

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